Hi, I’m Leah!

I’m a paintbrush wielding, plant loving artist/writer/healing geek, living close to nature with my husband, two little boys, and a modest collection of talkative house plants and fermented friends.

Drawing with kids

About me

I know that healing journeys and spiritual growth processes are not for the faint of heart; like many practitioners of the healing arts, I’ve walked these trails myself. Some parts are decked with roses, some parts are lined with thorns. From what I’ve learned, it’s not all scenic views, but it is all beautiful in retrospect. You have to be a bit badass to walk barefoot through the fire.

I’ve been channeling my art since childhood, since before I consciously knew what channeling was; my guides would give me art assignments and I would complete them. I didn’t consciously know what was guiding me or anything about the energy world—the household I grew up in wasn’t particularly well versed in these matters—but I was aware that something was working through my hands, and my job was to let it do its thing. I couldn’t explain it, and I couldn’t relate to a lot of other artists who worked differently than I did for this reason. I couldn’t title my pieces and I couldn’t describe their meaning, either. I didn’t know why I felt I wasn’t supposed to describe their meaning, but that’s the way it was. They just “were,” and that was that—open for interpretation by whoever saw them, regardless of my own preferences. And as for working in drafts and making different versions of my pictures, I knew that that was out of the question: forbidden. I was supposed to work with the first images that came through and not reinvent them as the products of critique. Why? I wasn’t sure, and this was inconvenient for me when it came to making custom work for people…but somehow I knew that these were the rules of my unique craft and I was obligated, for best results, to comply.

When I hit my 20s things got real—if my childhood and teenage years were the elementary school of my life mission, I suddenly found myself, in an instant, catapulted ahead into graduate school. Apparently satisfied with the level of artistic proficiency I had achieved by this point, my guides set me up for a series of experiences that turned off the spigot of my creativity for several years, causing me great pain temporarily but ultimately gifting me with the range of hard-earned tools I needed in order to do my work. Instead of gleefully dabbling in new artistic mediums and styles I found myself wading, neck deep, through the full range of human experiences and emotions and eventually, into a swamp of health puzzles that had resorted to screaming for attention after having been ignored and suppressed by the adults around me in my earlier years.

Somewhere in the midst of the hurling metaphorical spaghetti at the wall and the diverse modalities and practitioners that crossed my path during this interval, I came to know that the energy world really exists, that my art is channeled, and that my mission is to use it to serve humanity in some sort of healing capacity. Once again, it just “is.” One doesn’t, and shouldn’t, go to school to get certified in what I do; it can’t be boxed, classified, or blessed by some official, regardless of what society says. I was born with it, the same way I was born breathing. Ego and its trappings taint it and, as its priestess, my job is to keep it pure.

And this, my dear friend, is my story.

Sending love and blessings your way as you bravely traverse the highways and side streets of your own.

My mission

My job is to communicate the images I see to you, with as much detail and precision as possible, regardless of whether they make sense to me (honestly, they usually don’t!). This is the intuitive process, the way messages find their way to you, expressed through art. 

100% Raw

I draw what I see, not what I know. This sets my art apart from other art out there, and keeps its energy as clear as possible.

Art the way it should be

Handmade, paint on my hands, wet ink…you get the idea. In a world enamored by the ease and sometimes sterility of digital art, my work is a novelty.

Your missing puzzle piece

Many puzzle pieces cross our paths as we grow and heal. An intuitive illustration can help to tie them together in a potent, catalyzing way.

How I Work

Sitting down to work on an intuitive illustration isn’t exactly a glitzy process; there’s no crystal ball, no incantations, no fancy robes or any of the other props you might be used to seeing in movies when channeling is taking place.

I usually find a quiet time to myself, take measures to ensure that my energy is protected and that I am connecting to the right channels, tune in and see what images come my way. Sometimes it’s even less formal than this: I’ll be doing dishes or some other mundane task and an image will fall into my head, which won’t stop nagging me until I put it on paper. In fact, if I procrastinate getting it onto paper for some reason, I actually feel a sense of energetic pain and urgency until I make it happen. (I remember this especially being an issue when I was a kid in school—images would come to me all the time while I was in class, or while my attention was being demanded elsewhere…) I don’t limit myself to any particular media or style; I work with whatever each picture demands. After I make the picture I take measures to clear my energy, and shortly thereafter, add the image to my gallery.

At this point I do not do commissioned pieces. I used to when I first started my art career but I quickly learned that my clients were almost always coming to me with their own wounds, traumas, and egos, and wanting my art (which was channeled, though I didn’t understand that at the time) to reflect their unique taste, regardless of what my intuition was directing me to draw. Usually the results were just fine in the end as I’ve been gifted with the ability to work comfortably in multiple mediums and styles, but if you’ve ever tried to do something under pressure that directly negates your intuition, you’ll know that this isn’t exactly a comfortable position to be in—in fact, it’s actually excruciating, and extremely draining. So I do not do custom/commissioned work at this time, unless I am given full creative freedom to create the images I am guided to create without resistance. (Honestly, even then, I avoid getting involved in these types of projects as much as possible these days as I’ve learned through experience that most people do, in fact, have their own expectations of how these projects should turn out, even if they say they don’t. Everyone, including myself, has their own artistic preferences; some of us like realism, some of us like abstract. Some of us don’t know what we like. Walking willingly into these types of projects is usually quite exhausting for me, especially as I can sense my clients’ energy even if they don’t express their opinions verbally.) If you would like custom/commissioned work there are many artists out there who do this beautifully, and I encourage you to support their businesses.

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