Common Qs And As:

Q. How does shipping work?

Packages are shipped via USPS. Shipping via this service is estimated to take 1-3 days (expect extra time during the holiday season, typically between October and the end of January) and includes tracking. Please allow an extra day or two for me to process your order and get it sent out. I factor shipping costs into the price of my products, so you will not be charged extra for shipping.

Q. Your signature is unique; what do the letters stand for?

L” and “H” are my initials. “BSD” stands for “b’sayata d’shmaya,” which is Yiddish for “with help from the heavens.” 

Q. I’m not comfortable with channeling…how do I know you’re not channeling the devil or something like that?

It’s pretty simple. I’ve learned over time that if I’m tuned into a low vibration, either because of something happening in my own life or because of an energy I’m picking up on in the collective or in my environment, my art simply doesn’t happen. My hands don’t work and if I do try to draw, the result feels “off.” I don’t draw just any picture that comes my way; I allow pictures to blossom in my head for a day or two, feeling them out and making sure that they are coming from a good place. If I do find myself picking up on a low vibration I take necessary measures to cleanse my energy and don’t attempt to get back to work until I’m certain that my system has stabilized.

Q. Whom do you channel?

When I’m preparing to draw, I become like a radio; I pick up on energies from the universe at large. Sometimes I receive images from angelic energies, other times from nature energies, and sometimes from my guides, or “Spirit.” I do not accept energies from ghosts or other low vibration entities. Please see my other FAQ along these lines for more on this.

Q. What materials do you use for your drawings?

Depends on the picture. Please note that I do not, however, use AI technology or other digital programs to create my pictures; except for the technology involved in digitizing them and preparing them for printing, my work is strictly created by hand.

Q. I see “Spot of Honey” listed on my invoice/bank statement/etc. The charge seems to match the amount I paid for my order. Is this you?

Yes. Spot of Honey is the parent company of Intuitive Illustrator. If you have arranged with me to pay via check, please write your check out to “Spot of Honey.” Apologies for the confusion; Spot of Honey is our own small company, which my husband and I created a while back in order to have a central platform for our creative endeavors, separate from our personal accounts. Our accounting needs to be organized this way for tax purposes.

Q. Do you do commissioned work?

Not at this time.

Q. Do you sell originals?

Not at this time.

Q. What type of hanging hardware do you put on the back of your pieces?

I use sawtooth picture hanging brackets.

Q. I want to send one of your canvases to someone as a gift. Do you do gift wrapping and/or custom notes?

All canvases are sent out wrapped in pretty, gender-neutral tissue paper. If you would like a custom note or other individualization in your order please contact me before placing your order and I will do my best to make it happen.

Q. Are you a psychic?

I do not consider myself a psychic; I consider myself an intuitive. A psychic can sometimes read minds, connect with individuals on the “other side,” see auras/spirits/presences etc. and/or attain otherwise hidden information from unseen realms. An intuitive may be able to attain some of this same information, but in my experience the process may be more subtle and slow—though equally as clear, once one has spent some time learning to trust their intuition. It’s more of a profound “knowing” than someone standing over my shoulder and putting words or pictures in my mind. The line between the two is blurry, and sometimes people confuse one for the other, or choose one term over the other out of comfort. If you would like to connect with a deceased relative through me, odds are I won’t be able to help you. If you would like to connect with and surround yourself with the energy of something you love, or a particular human experience or emotion, I think you will enjoy my work.

Q. Do you do refunds or exchanges?

Generally no. I am a human being, and I will try to help you with this when and if it makes sense to do so. However I am also running a small business. I do not have space to store returns, nor do I feel comfortable reselling them. I inspect every product for defects before I send it out. Please do your part by checking over your order thoroughly before placing it. Thank you!

Q. I’m looking for a job. Are you hiring?

Not at this time.

Q. I’d like to sell this art in my gallery.

Great—please send your inquiries through my contact form.